Supply List

Grade One Supply List

8 primary color crayons....please only 8

1 pkg. of #2 pencils yellow only..."Ticonderoga"...the best!

Pair of blunt primary scissors

6 "Elmers" white glue sticks LARGE ones please!

4 pink erasers

3 pocket folders

1 plastic supply box with a flip lid to hold supplies

1 backpack (no wheels please)

1 pkg of plain unlined index cards for school- 3" by 5"

1 index card box  (not the one with snaps)

1 clipboard

1 clear (or netted) zippered pencil bag

Package of black "Expo" dry eraser markers

Package of yellow "Highlighter" brand markers


*1 roll of paper towels

*1 box of tissues (no lotion please-allergies)  

*1 container of baby wipes                                                                                                                      

*1 container of "Lysol" brand wipes

*1 pkg. of napkins

*Children are asked to bring in the starred supplies, as well.

Midyear we will ask students to assist with bringing in additional supplies.

Please Bring Your Supplies on the First Day of School. Thank you.