Reading Vocabulary

 Vocabulary Words are different than spelling words.  They go along with each unit and should be learned as sight words.  Flashcards are an excellent way to practice them.  Occasionally, some spelling words and vocabulary words will be the same.

Vocabulary: Week of March 2, 2020.

Please continue practicing all sight words from the list sent home in your child's summer packet. (* high frequency words from Kindergarten). Grade One students are being tested on all previously Kindergarten sight words, and will be tested on these Kindgergarten sight words, so it is important to continue practicing daily at home. The list was included in your child's summer packet. Flashcards are a great way to practice and can be made easily using index cards or paper. Daily home practice with a parent/guardian is important and greatly assists your child in succeeding!smileyyesBe sure to study ALL Grade One High Frequency Words Daily.

Vocabulary: Please study these words! Flashcards are a great way to practice! Beginning this week, your child will receive a weekly set of flashcards which contain the weekly High Frequency Words Words. Practice these and save them in a recipe card file box. Be sure to continue having your First Grader keep these words (flashcards will be sent home weekly for the Sight Words). Please be sure to have your first grader continually practice ALL High Frequency Words as they accumulate. Students are tested on these words.

1.Students should be able to read both vocabulary and High Frequency Words. The children are tested on these words. They should have a general understanding of their meaning and be able to apply these words correctly within a sentence.

2. The Sight Words are the words that are marked with a * on the weekly vocabulary sheet sent home. Practice reading all High Frequency Words each week and continue practicing all High Frequency Words as they accumulate. The children should also practice spelling these words.

3. Each week, study the new weekly High Frequency Words and practice with the flashcards sent home. Grade One needs to study vocabulary words and vocabulary words each day and have a general understanding of those words also. Your child will be expected to apply these word correctly within a sentence.

 4. Please continue keeping up and reviewing/studying ALL words and H.F.W.s. Students are being tested on High Frequency Words for Unit 2. The Kindergarten High Frequency Words need to be reviewed and studied. Students should also be reviewing all Grade One High Frequency Words as these words are learned. Your child should know how to read the words and have a general understanding of each words' meaning.

Continue checking and reviewing ALL  Kindergarten sight words (High Frequency Words  were sent home as noted in your child's packet).Keep studying ALL Grade One H.F.W.s. Students are tested on Grade One High Frequecy Words weekly ( flashcards sent home weekly).

Look in your child's folder for the weekly Grade One High Frequency Words. Please have your child cut them out and practice as flashcards. Keep them and accumulate these cards for weekly practice. A recipe file is suggested for collecting them and staying organized. Also, a list was sent home with the Grade One summer packet that listed the Kindergarten High Frequency Words. Please continue having your child review and practice these as well. Students are being tested on all these words( these are previously learned words in Kindergarten and are a review) in addition to the Grade One Sight Words. Please note, High Frequency Words are interchangeably referred to High Frequency Words (H.F.W.s or Sight Words) on the homework chart and in class.

* High Frequency Words (*H.F.W.s)

 Every week your child receives a weekly vocabulary sheet in addition to his/her spelling sheet. The vocabulary sheet will have both vocabulary and High Frequecy Words (*H.F.W.s) listed together.

Vocabulary: Week of March 2, 2020: Vocabulary is the same as last week. Please review these words at home.

1. also*

2. family*

3. new*

4. other*

5. some*

6. their*

7. worker

8. flowers

9. nectar









* Sight Words


Please review the words above marked with the ** that are **Kindergarten High Frequency Words (H.F.W.s). High Frequency Words are sight words the students must know upon immediate sight. These words appear frequently in their stories.


 *High Frequency Word/Sight Word