Homework Chart: Week of March 2, 2020

-Practice and review all high frequency Kindergarten words using flashcards at home.They can be made using paper or with index cards.

- Please see your child's folder for a set of weekly flashcards sent home this week (these are the "High Frequency/ Sight Words". Practice with flashcards for 5-10 minutes each day. Playing a game of Memory or Concentration is also a great suggestion for practicing the sight words. Also study and practice reading weekly vocabulary( and amazing word sheets which are sent home as needed).

 -Thank you for your home support that your are providing with your child. Your assistance is a wonderful benefit in helping your child succeed!


Weekly Reading Log routine in Grade One wiil begin soon. Reading Logs are assigned weekly and are returned to school daily to be checked and graded. Please begin daily home reading with your child for 10-15 minutes or more daily. Please be sure to record books read daily in your child's Home Reading Log and send back and forth daily in your child's Mail Folder!

Please be consistent in maintaining this important routine!  Consistent "Daily Home Reading" provides much needed practice with your child's reading skills and application of phonetic rules your child is learning. You are greatly assisting your child in his/her reading skills in providing this important daily home practice.yessmiley 






Homework Chart:  Week of March 2, 2020. 


We will place homework papers in your child's "Homework Folder" as soon as we begin our homework routine.


- Please fill out the Reading Log daily and send back and forth in  your child's Mail Folder for grading and checking. Your student receives a daily grade for this assignment. Reading Log forms and daily home reading will begin soon.


-  Please keep up with reviewing Kindergarten Sight Words (High Frequency Words: H.F.W.s). We wil begin Grade 1 Sight Words soon.


Thank you for all you do in assisting your child in being a successful student in bringing in his/her school supplies!! If you haven't sent in paper supplies and your last name follows "Ma" down to the end of the classroom list, kindly send in such as paper towels, napkins, and tissues. Thank you so much for your assistance.









Write all your spelling words 3 times each. Practice your sentence once.


Complete Worksheet.


Choose 8 sentences and write 8 sentences. Underline your spelling word used in each sentence.

Spelling Test


No School Students: Teacher Professional Day


Read Phonetic Booklet: " June and Mule"

Answer questions using complete telling sentenes.

Practice and study vocabulary and sight words daily.

Daily Home Reading and Reading Log. Please sign and return your child's Reading Log and return it to school tomorrow.

Continue reviewing all Grade 1 sight words


Practice and study all vocabulary and sight words daily. 


Do Daily Home Reading and Daily Reading Log. Reading 10-15 minutes. Please return your signed Reading Log to School each day.

Continue reviewing all previous Grade 1 sight words.





Do daily home reading and Daily Reading Log. Please sign and return Reading Log daily.

Study and practice vocabulary and sight words.

Continue reviewing all previously learned Grade 1 sight words.








Practice and study vocabulary and sight words daily.

Do daily home reading and Reading Log. Sign and return Reading Log Daily.

Continue reviewing all previously learned Grade 1 sight words.



No School Students: Teacher Professional Day

Language Arts


Study your sight words and vocabulary words daily.

Complete Worksheet.


Study vocabulary and sight words daily.



Study vocabulary and sight words daily. 






Complete worksheet.

Study your vocabulary and sight words daily.

No School Students: Teacher Professional Day




* Please Note: Math homework papers will be sent home in your child's folder. If there is a math paper in your child's folder, he/she will complete it for homework and return it to school the next day.

Study Math Facts this week. Sums and differences within 10.Timed test on Thursday.

This week we are focusing on  facts within 10.

Study  facts with differences

within10 Math Facts. Ten minutes daily. Test on Thursday.

Study Math Facts. With differences within 10. 10 Minutes daily. Test on tomorrow, Thursday, March 5th.


Study Math Facts with differences within10 . Ten Minutes daily. Test today.

No school students: Teacher Professional Day.



Review and Practice your Grade One High Frequency Words(Sight Words that are sent home weekly).Test coming soon.(On-going).


-Review and continue practicing addition facts and subtraction facts.(on-going).First Grade Standard: Mastery of Math Facts up to and including 10.

Teacher Professional Day on Friday, March 6th. No school students.











No School Students: Teacher Professional Day


"Daily Home Reading" for 15 minutes or longer with an adult each day strengthens your child's newly acquired skills and enables them to practice.   smiley


*Spelling Test Dictation Sentence: Please practice spelling test dictation sentence. Practice by listening to an adult say the sentence orally twice, then have your child repeat (echo) twice back to you. Lastly, write the sentence on paper. Please keep the practice paper at home. *THIS IS PART OF WEEKLY SPELLING HOMEWORK AND PREPARATION FOR WEEKLY SPELLING TESTS. 

*High Frequency Words:  Pracitce and review ALL KINDERGARTEN High Frequency Words (H.F. W.s) daily with an adult at home. Kindergarten list went home in your child's summer packet. Students are tested on these words. Students should also begin practicing Grade One High Frequency Words*. The * words on the vocabulary sheet.