Spelling Words: Week of March 2, 2020: Rule: Vowel Teams: When two vowels are together, usually the first vowel makes a long vowel sound and the second vowel is silent.

  1. be

   2. feet

   3. he

   4. see

   5. we

   6. green

   7. me

   8. she

   9. tree

  10. week

  11. some*

  12. family*

Dictation Sentence: The queen bee rules the family .





(Please note: Beginning in Grade One, correct editing and sentence structure is introduced and practiced. In order for your child to recieve full credit on the weekly dictation sentences as part of the weekly Spelling Test, your first grader must be able to spell all words correctly, as well as use capitalization and punctuation marks properly. Be sure your child practices ALL of these skills when praciticing the sentences weekly). Thank you!smiley    

 *high frequency word

Please Note: Grade one students are tested on the dictation sentence as part of the spelling test. Please have your child practice the dictation sentence daily. It is good to dictate the sentence orally followed by having your child repeat it to you . Once your child has listened orally two times by you, then have your child repeat the sentence back to you. Finally, have your child practice writing the sentence. Be sure he/she includes capitalizing the first word of the sentence, uses a punctuation mark at the end, spells the words correctly and uses upper and lower case handwriting accordingly. The children are doing well with this task. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in supporting this assignment for continued success.